Up in the Air – the Solar Eclipses of 2019

We have three solar eclipses in 2019 on the Sagittarius/ Gemini axis and all dual signs will be affected by the sign aspect. The first one is early in the New Year and other two follow the summer and winter solstices. The interesting thing to note that Saturn will be involved in all the three eclipses as it will be transiting all year in the sign of Sagittarius in the asterism of Purvashada. Continue reading “Up in the Air – the Solar Eclipses of 2019”

Shashti Hayini Dasa

Shashti Hayini Dasa – Conditional Vimshottari Dasa for Sun in the Ascendant

Published in Gochara, Volume 19, Issue 1 Spring 2018

Sun is the soul of all and represents the spirit of man. Sun in the first house will have the blessings of the Sun deity (Aditya) and therefore the person will carry the inner impulse of dhātṛ aditya. Continue reading “Shashti Hayini Dasa”