Shashti Hayini Dasa

Shashti Hayini Dasa – Conditional Vimshottari Dasa for Sun in the Ascendant

Published in Gochara, Volume 19, Issue 1 Spring 2018

Sun is the soul of all and represents the spirit of man. Sun in the first house will have the blessings of the Sun deity (Aditya) and therefore the person will carry the inner impulse of dhātṛ aditya. Continue reading “Shashti Hayini Dasa”

Eye on the Sky – Solar eclipses of 2018 and the summer of discontent

There are three solar eclipses this year. All of the solar eclipses are partial and their magnitude is much smaller than the August eclipse we saw last year. However the tango of Mars and Ketu in Capricorn in the summer months when Mars is mostly retrograde during the two eclipses, with the planets hemmed between the nodes in a Kala amrita yoga will create friction and there is a greater need for caution. Jupiter in Libra is blessing for Aries and Libra and to an extent to Aquarius and Gemini ascendants until it transits into Scorpio in October.
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