Adityas and Soul of the Nations

Om Gurave Namah

Adityas and Soul of the Nations

Vijaya Subramanian

Published in Jyotish Digest April 2013

The Sun is the soul of the Kala Purusha. Kala Purusha is the embodiment of the divine or the birth of the divine soul into a human form. The Soul takes birth usually for a purpose ascertained by the law of karma.

As the Sun travels around the Zodiac it creates the 12 rasis (signs) or Adityas. The purpose of the soul is shown by the placement of the Sun in a horoscope. This is a concept based on the “Dvadasa Adityas (12 adityas)”. These 12 Adityas are the sons of Sage Kashyap and Aditi, and they are giver of resources and skills that are necessary to achieve the purpose of the soul. Continue reading “Adityas and Soul of the Nations”