Adityas and Soul of the Nations

Om Gurave Namah

Adityas and Soul of the Nations

Vijaya Subramanian

Published in Jyotish Digest April 2013

The Sun is the soul of the Kala Purusha. Kala Purusha is the embodiment of the divine or the birth of the divine soul into a human form. The Soul takes birth usually for a purpose ascertained by the law of karma.

As the Sun travels around the Zodiac it creates the 12 rasis (signs) or Adityas. The purpose of the soul is shown by the placement of the Sun in a horoscope. This is a concept based on the “Dvadasa Adityas (12 adityas)”. These 12 Adityas are the sons of Sage Kashyap and Aditi, and they are giver of resources and skills that are necessary to achieve the purpose of the soul.

The table below summarises the results of the 12 Adityas in various houses or signs.

House No Sign Aditya Qualities
1 Aries Dhatr Leader, creative ability, knowledge, changes order
2 Taurus Aryaman Nobleman, lineage, ancestors, marriage
3 Gemini Mitra Friend, enforcer of contracts, mental suffering
4 Cancer Varuna Controller of seas, wise, punishment, tireless worker
5 Leo Indra King, protects, vanquishes enemies, controller of senses, teacher
6 Virgo Vivasvan Bright, effulgent, service, work ethic, spiritual upliftment
7 Libra Pusan Giver of cattle wealth, business, journeys, questions, trap
8 Scorpio Parjanya Transforms, purifies, secret skills, Knowledge
9 Sagittarius Anshuman Dispeller of darkness, equity, excellence, protects intellectuals
10 Capricorn Bhaga Prosperous, inheritance, karma yogi, unbending nature, industrious
11 Aquarius Tvashtra Creative intelligence, skilful, diplomat, innovator
12 Pisces Vishnu Protector of the universe, gambler, deception, moksha

For judgement of results, the Aditya represented by the house in which the Sun is placed shows the basic impulse or the true nature (bhavana) of an individual. The Aditya representing the sign in which the Sun is placed reflects the manifestation of results. The purpose of the soul is strengthened by associations with the lagna (ascendant) or the lagna lord. In the final analysis, one has to look at the Sun’s honour and dignity (afflictions and yoga) and also the nakshatra the Sun is placed in.

Extending this principle to countries, let us take a look at few charts.

UK (1801- 1944)

The Sun is the 4th house in Sagittarius. Therefore the basic impulse is represented by the “Varuna Aditya”.

Varuna is the ruler of the Jala Tattva (water element) and he is the ruler of the seas. He is viewed as an upholder or enforcer of moral order of the universe. He is pictured as riding a mythical animal “Makara” and holding a noose in his hand. He punishes and therefore is in a position of authority. He has a strong work ethic. Varuna or Aruna is also the Sun God’s charioteer, he is legless and therefore constantly moves the Sun around the Zodiac so that work may be done. He is constant and tireless.

One can easily see Varuna Aditya’s blessing in the rise of United Kingdom. By 1815 they were practically “unchallenged in the seas”. Their control on maritime trade help them gain power and dominance in the world. In fact “Pax Britannica was the global policeman of the world”2.

Sun is in the nakshatra “Purvashada”, the ruling deity being “Apas” (the god of water). They discovered the power of steam, which was instrumental in the industrial revolution that helped United Kingdom gain further strength in empire. This pushed for a greater work ethic in the empire. They also imposed their sense of morality in the areas they ruled in the form of “Victorian Values”.

Success was possible as the Sun was on its own in the 4th house, flanked by two benefics Mercury and Venus. This gives them a Shuba Katari Yoga and enhanced by a bright Moon aspecting from the 10th house. Sun has a rasi aspect on the lagna, intensifying the purpose. The 8th Aspect of Mars on the lagna lord Mercury is a raksha dhristi (protective aspect) shows that all this enterprise was protected by military and arms.

Furthermore, the Sun is placed in Sagittarius, so the manifestation of this impulse is shown by the Aditya “Anshuman”.

Anshuman removes darkness, suppresses enemies, he is the protector of universe and rishis and believes in justice and sharing. He is the controller of vayu tattva and gives siddhis and excellence.

United Kingdom was viewed as more liberal and moderate in comparison to the other colonial powers. The blessings of Anshuman and hence the Vayu tattva shows again the “power of sails and in sailing”.

United Kingdom dominated the world for over 200 years and one family has reigned in Britain since that time. It is interesting to note that Queen Victoria had Sun in Taurus in the 1st House.

Sun in Taurus shows the blessings of the “Aditya Aryaman”.

Aryaman is the noble man, gives lineage; he is the chief of pitris (ancestors), brings marriage and is associated with twilight. He is associated with “Karna” in Mahabharata.







Queen Victoria married Albert and created a large family and succession line that is still reigning.

UK 1945 to 2088

The progressed chart for the UK places the Sun in the 5th house.

The basic impulse has been modified and is now represented by the “Aditya Indra”.

Indra is the King of Devas, rides the elephant (likes pomp and show of power), is the teacher of Dhanvantri (God of Ayurveda), vanquishes his enemies and is controller of desires. He is also the God of rain.

United Kingdom still harbours ambitions for power, pomp and show. The purpose is strong as the Sun is the Lagna lord. The Sun is conjunct Mars showing interest in military power. However the presence of the nodes with a retrograde Saturn’s (6th lord) full aspect on the Sun shows that this ambition is fraught with obstacles. Mars and Saturn conjunctions usually cause frustration or death (Yama yoga). Jupiter’s rasi aspect can mitigate it; however he is also the 8th Lord.

On the positive, great progress was made in medicine in Britain in the 1940s and they are still one of the top destinations in the world for education.

An interesting point to note is that Queen Elizabeth II (who has reigned since 1942) has her Sun in the 5th house which matches the ambition of Great Britain. She is known for her restraint and discipline and is a good example of manifestation of power.

To summarise this point, the basic and manifested impulses of the longest serving sovereigns matched with that of nation in both periods.

USA – 1776-1920

For the USA, the Sun is in 7th house in Gemini.

The basic impulse is represented by the Aditya “Pusan”.

Pusan is the giver of cattle wealth and prosperity. One prays to him for success in business and agriculture. He also creates the “Indra Jala” or traps people in materialism. He is the ruler of fruitful journeys and lights up your path. He questions and challenges, he has the power of rejuvenation and he lost his teeth in a battle with Shiva.

Sun is placed in “Punarvasu” nakshatra that is ruled by Jupiter which is also the lagna lord. Jupiter is conjunct Sun and aspects the Lagna. The purpose is intensified and blessed as all trinal lords are together. The presence of Venus (6L) and Saturn’s aspect from the 10th house shows some obstacles and delay but they only strengthen the purpose of pursuit of wealth as Venus is also the lord of the 11th house of gains and Saturn is the lord of 2nd house of wealth. The deity of Punarvasu is “Aditi” who is the mother of all devas (good men) and represents wealth and prosperity.

USA was indeed blessed by Pusan and Aditi. They consolidated their territories since the declaration of independence by waging wars against the natives. This gave vast amount of land, cattle and wealth. The questioning power of Pusan allowed them to separate themselves from Britain and they pursued enterprise and wealth.

However, this was also the birth of materialism and the ultimate trap of an “American Dream” in the form of mortgage.

The manifested impulse is represented by “Mitra”.

Mitra is friend, he is also Visvamitra, the sage who gave us the Gayatri, that represents intellect; he is the enforcer of contracts, he is compassionate, shows mental suffering, he is represented by Lord Krishna in Bhagvat Gita and believes in “Vasudeva Kutumbakam” (world is one family).

USA believes in friendships (to an extent that if one is not a friend then one is considered an enemy), they believe in power through alliances. They are also the enforcer of contracts and regulations. They set up the League of Nations in 1920 to monitor the role of various countries; Saturn’s aspect delayed the role in them playing the role of the global policeman. They played an important role in the World Wars that ensured victory for “Allies”.

USA 1920-2064

The progressed chart of US shows that Sun is now in 8th house in Gemini. This modifies the basic impulse represented by Aditya “Parjanya”.

Parjanya rides the clouds and purifies. He is the giver of rain, secret knowledge & skills and transformation. He has the power of revival.

Blessed by the Aditya Parjanya, USA developed the nuclear bomb, made great progress in sciences, medicine and computers. They also established the CIA in 1947 to gather intelligence.

Sun is conjunct Venus (7th and 12th lord) and still drawing on the basic impulse of Pusan the initial horoscope. The lagna lord Mars has a protective aspect (8th aspect) at the 7th house. They developed esoteric financial instruments and created corporations such as Fannie Mae that authorised borrowings.

The nakshatra dispositor of Sun is Jupiter who is exalted in the 9th house with Mercury and aspects the Lagna. This is great yoga for creating a lineage for learning and the US is known for the seat of Research and Development, Sciences and learning.

Blessed by Mitra Aditya, they continued to build on the alliances and friendships and established The United Nations, Security Council and many other institutions such as NATO for regulating the world. They became de facto enforcer of contracts in the world and gained power by getting countries to abide by them.

West Germany (1949- 1990)

West Germany’s chart has Sun in Taurus in the 9th house.

Sun in Taurus represents the Aditya “Aryaman”. As explained earlier, he brings marriages and unions. Lagna lord Mercury is retrograde and its presence with Sun intensifies purpose and Venus in its own sign shows good fortune. Jupiter (4th and 7th lord) aspects its showing interest in an alliance. West Germany attained union with East Germany within 41 years of its existence (by the end of Naisargika Dasa of Jupiter).

Unified Germany

Unified Germany has Sun in the 3rd house in Virgo. The true nature is represented by the Aditya “Mitra”. Similar to the United States, Germany is the friend everyone wants to have in Europe. It was instrumental in developing the European Union and the common currency, Euro.

Sun is in the nakshatra “Hasta” whose deity is “Aryaman” who brings forward unions. The nakshatra dispositor is Moon, the lagna lord.

The manifested impulse is represented by the Aditya “Vivaswan”.

Vivaswan is bright, effulgent and the controller of “Agni tattva”. He burns your karma by service. He brings spiritual upliftment. He is the husband of Sanjna, father of Manu, Yama, Yami, Shani and the Aswini Twins.

The blessings of Vivaswan have resulted in Germany to be known for their efficiency and work ethic.




People’s Republic of China has its Sun in Virgo in the 9th house. 9th house Sun shows the blessings of Aditya “Anshuman” who stands for fairness, justice and sharing. The Communist government was set up with socialistic principles. It also meant to remove China from its darkness and backwardness after the Civil war and hardships experienced during the Japanese Occupation.

However, Sun is afflicted by the nodes. The presence of retrograde Mercury (exaltation cancelled) is debilitating its intellect. The ruler of Sun’s Nakshatra “Hasta” is Moon, and it is in the lagna strengthening the purpose. However it is aspected by Mars and Saturn, leading in the way for a lot of frustration.

The manifested impulse is represented by Aditya “Vivaswan”. People’s Republic of China was created to have a great work ethic, to be rid of their old culture and habits and the people to have a service attitude and camaraderie. China is now work-shop of the world and they share this quality with another great exporting country of the world, Germany.

An interesting point is that Chairman Mao who was so instrumental in the establishment of communist government had his Sun in Sagittarius. He shared the vision of the nation in bringing fairness and distribution demanded by the Aditya Anshuman.





Sun is in Sagittarius in the 6th house. The basic impulse represented by Aditya “Vivaswan” is to serve the community and develop work ethic and cleanse itself from its past role in the “Cold War” days. The manifested impulse represented by Anshuman is the desire to be seen as the fair guy on the block.

Sun is hemmed in the 6th house by two malefics Mars and Saturn on either side. Sun is also in “Mula” nakshatra ruled by Nritti, the Goddess of Destruction. While they may not lack in material comforts and power promised by various Raja Yogas in the chart, the purpose of creating a work ethic and serving the community may be compromised.

The point to note is Michael Gorbachev, the architect of modern Russia has his Sun in the 6th house of service blessed by Aditya Vivaswan.

He also has his Sun in Aquarius, represented by Aditya Tvashtar.




Tvashtar is Vishwakarma himself, he is the celestial architect, he creates the universe and Maya. He is maker of weapons for both devas and asuras, hence a diplomat. He is karma yogi, innovator and highly skilled.

The old Soviet Union had it Sun in the 6th house and in Aquarius. While the basic impulse was service (inherited by new Russia as well) the manifested impulse represented by “Tvashtar” resulted in creating a new way of living, i.e. communism. Also it resulted in making of weapons in the nuclear era.

Soviet Union (1917-1991)

Here, the Sun is conjunct 3 other planets and the presence of the Lagna lord is strengthening the purpose. However Sun is closest to Mars, the 8th Lord and the conjunction between Sun and Mars is in Purvabhadrapada, ruled by Jupiter who is the in the 8th house. Soviet Union came to an end in Venus Maha dasha during the Mars antar dasha. The deity of the nakshatra Purvabhadrapada is Aja ekapada, the one footed goat who represents the front of funeral cot, symbolising death.


Sun is placed in 10th house in Aries. The 10th house placement shows the basic impulse and is represented by the “Aditya Bhaga”.

Bhaga is Aishwarya represents prosperity, inheritance and good fortune. He is industrious, a karma yogi and has an unbending nature. He was blinded in a battle with Shiva.

Blessed by the Aditya Bhaga, Japan at the end of World War II invested in heavy industries and technology to pursue prosperity. Between the 1960s and 1980s they achieved an economic miracle and major economic power with huge contributions in technology, industrial automation, bio medical research and aerospace.

The manifested impulse for Japan is represented by Sun in Aries or “Aditya Dhata”.

Dhata is Creator, Brahma represented by OM. He has knowledge and good karma; he wants to change the existing order and shows creative ability and leadership.

Japan was responsible for creating a new way of working. They concentrated on efficient allocation of capital, production efficiencies, automation of assembly lines and heavily invested in research to improve process engineering and innovation. Sun is conjunct Mercury (3rd and 12th lord), so they invested abroad and invested in precision industries and robotics (Mercury is in Krittika).

However, the Sun has the rasi aspect of a retrograde Jupiter (9th lord as well as 6th). Saturn aspects the Sun from lagna. And the 10th house also surrounded by two malefics Mars and Rahu on either side showing difficulties. The last 20 years, starting from the Saturn Maha dasha, Japan has suffered as a result of recession. Sun is in “Bharani”, ruled by the deity Yama, showing moral restrain and sacrifice in the face of all difficulties and obstacles.


India has Sun in 3rd house in Cancer. The two Adityas are Mitra (basic impulse) and Varuna (manifested level).

Sun is conjunct with the Lagna lord Venus and has a rasi aspect of the Lagna. Sun is in “Ashlesha” Nakshatra and the dispositor Mercury is also in the same house.

India wants to be friends with the world, so that is why they did not join the Western Block and created the Non- Aligned Movement. Of late, they are very friendly with Americans and will prove to be their ally in the coming years.

Varuna Aditya blesses them with the inherent sense of morality thought the presence of so many planets influencing the Sun, dilutes the intent. They have lately shown some interest in building back the naval strength with the help of the Americans by the Arabian Sea.

The deity of Ashlesha is “Sarpa” or serpent. Therefore India’s intent may not be clear or understood by others. There are also some mystical and healing powers associated with this nakshatra.

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the Indian Nation had his Moon in Ashlesha. The British could never fully understand him. This was compounded by the fact that his Sun was in Virgo in the 12th house which is represented by the “Aditya Vishnu”.



Vishnu is the Vamana avatara and represents Moksha. He is protector of the Universe and takes huge risks to achieve. There is always a bit of deception or covert action as the dwarf Vamana was “Vishnu” in disguise.



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