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Spiritual Horizons in Jyotish Online Conference  organised by Leeds  Theosophical society,  September 25th 2021

1pm:  Pravrajya Yoga: Combinations for Renunciation

What is renunciation and the meaning of the term will be explored through texts of Bhagavad gīta and upaniṣads. We will examine the conditions in a horoscope described in classics such as Jātaka Pārijāta and Bṛhat Saṃhita that can give rise to renunciation and how they can be frustrated sometimes.

5pm: What is Your Path to Liberation?

What is liberation? The talk aims to elaborate the meaning of liberation (moksa /mukti) from scriptures such as Tattva Bodhā and Māhā śiva Purānā. We will examine various paths available to an individual by specifically examining the navaṃsā and the cara kārakās to see the path that is our destiny.

Past events

BAVA International Vedic Astrology Online Conference on “Vedic well being” April 2021 

The talk aims to look at the position of the Moon in the horoscope and observe the qualities (gunas) that influence the mental complex by analysing the jala trikona of 4th ,8 and 12 houses thereby drawing conclusions on the emotional intelligence of an individual. A balanced mind helps to deal with uncertainty and change and enables us to successfully transit from the old to the new.  I will also draw on my learnings from Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads to describe the gunas.

Astrological Lodge, London Sept 21, 2020  – Solar Eclipses of – A Vedic perspective

Astrological Lodge, London Nov 2019 – East West event

Panel talk on the effect of Jupiter and Saturn’s conjunction in 2020

Leeds International Vedic Astrology Conference at the Theosophical society, Leeds Oct 2019

Navamsa – The destiny chart – A double lecture on how to determine our gunas (inner personality) and abilities to determine the course in life

BAVA International Vedic Astrology Conference, London April 2019

12thHouse and Marriage – The importance of the 12th house in relationships. Looking at the planets in the house and the lord of the house to see the conditions they impose and to suggest remedies to satisfy them.

Astrological Lodge, London Dec 2018 – East West event

The planet Mars or Mangala the Auspicious one – Mars is called Mangala meaning the auspicious one and yet he is feared and blamed for discord as he lacks the softer skills that Venus naturally possess. Impact of Mars in different houses and appropriate remedies for a happily married life.

Astrological Lodge, London Oct 2018

The Serpent of Time – Effect of Kala Sarpa Yogas in the horoscope – It happens when all the planets from the Sun to the Saturn are hemmed between the nodes of Moon splitting the Zodiac into two. This plays an important role in nativities and in world events

BAVA International Vedic Astrology Conference London April 2018

Conditional Vimshottari Dasa – The application of Shashtiyayini Dasa or planetary period when Sun is in the Ascendant in any horoscope

Astrological Lodge, London Dec 2017 – East West event

Auspicious Directions or Ashta Digpala – Which of the Guardian Angels or planetary deities of the 8 directions will bring your prosperity?

BAVA International Vedic Astrology Conference London April 2017

What is being and Dharma? A look at the trines to the 9th house to see how intrinsic nature and intelligence can affect quality of life of a person and the importance of Dharma Karmadhipathi Yoga – the yoga or association between the 9th lord of dharma and 10th of karma in a horoscope

BAVA International Vedic Astrology Conference London April 2016

Chaturthamsha (D4) -Property and Inheritance – The fourth divisional chart or Chaturthamsa (D4) is seen for landed assets and property. It operates at the physical level. The talk aims to discuss favourable and unfavourable combinations for acquisition and inheritance of property

BAVA International Vedic Astrology Conference London April 2014

Planetary States and Strengths – Avasthas of Planets -Avasthas or condition of planets flavour the interpretation of how strong a planet is. Sage Parasara has mentioned five states – Bala(child), Kumara (adolescent), Yuva (youth), Vriddha (old) and Mritya (dead)

BAVA International Vedic Astrology Conference London April 2012

Adityas and Souls of Nations -The Sun represents the soul and the soul takes birth usually for a purpose ascertained by the law of karma. Each zodiac sign has an Aditya governing it and there are totally 12 in number. The 12 Adityas are the giver of resources and skills that are necessary to achieve our purpose of our soul.


2017- 2019 Series on the Philosophy of Yoga at YogawithSam at Maidenhead

March 2019 and 2018 Science of Sound – Mantra, Maidenhead

June 2018 Introduction to Chakras of the body and healing sounds – Maidenhead