Up in the Air – the Solar Eclipses of 2019

We have three solar eclipses in 2019 on the Sagittarius/ Gemini axis and all dual signs will be affected by the sign aspect. The first one is early in the New Year and other two follow the summer and winter solstices. The interesting thing to note that Saturn will be involved in all the three eclipses as it will be transiting all year in the sign of Sagittarius in the asterism of Purvashada. In Bṛhat saṁhitā, Varāhamihira points out that Saturn represents rogues, robbers, region/country border issues. Currently many countries are experiencing conflicts over border issues and immigrants. The US government is threatened by a shut down by over the funding over a border issue. The United Kingdom is struggling to leave the European Union in good terms. Jupiter is transiting the sign of Scorpio and will not aspect the dual signs, hence there is no protection. It transits into Sagittarius in November, however will be the ruler of the eclipsed house carrying the eclipses energy of third and final eclipse of the year. The three eclipses will be succeeded by lunar eclipses after a fortnight and that is at least quite a propitious sign as it shows prayer and remedies can work.

Partial Solar Eclipse on January 6, 2019

The first eclipse of the year is a partial one visible in parts of East Asia, Japan and Pacific on the early hours of January 6th. The nodes are still in Cancer and Capricorn axis. This eclipse takes place in Sagittarius in Pūrvāṣāḍha nakṣatra which is ruled by āpas, the water deity. Saturn, being the air element is bound to stir up and muddy the waters. The symbol of this nakṣatra is a fan. Pūrvāṣāḍha means the invincible or undefeated one. There is a lot of emotion and intensity associated with this nakṣatra as it is ruled by water and Venus. It deeply harbours idealism, ambitions and dreams and with Saturn stationed there, this is a time for reality check and bring some discipline into what is plausible. Mercury will be caught in this eclipse, showing issues with commerce, business and communication.

People or countries with their natal Ascendant in Sagittarius will have to allow for changes in their life to take place. If the natal Sun or Moon is in the asterism of Pūrvāṣāḍha, it is matter for concern of health or reputation particularly as Saturn will be in this nakṣatra the entire of 2019. Please note that those with Moon in Pūrvāṣāḍha will be already going through their Saturn transit on their natal moon and this eclipse will add further stress to the circumstances.

Quoting from Bṛhat saṁhitā of Varāhamihira “if the eclipse should happen in the sign of Sagittarius it would destroy chief ministers, advisors representing Jupiter, physicians, merchants, those who are rough and tough, wrestlers and horses and those who wield weapons”.

It is very interesting to discuss the situation of United Kingdom. The progressed chart for UK (1901 chart progressed for 144 years) has Leo rising with Moon in the Ascendant. The Ascendant lord Sun is in Pūrvāṣāḍha with Ketu and conjunct with Mars, the 9th lord of destiny placed in Uttarāṣāḍha. The path of Uttarāṣāḍha is a lot more comfortable than the one of Purvashada, which can be idealistic. The eclipse in Pūrvāṣāḍha will hit the natal Sun in the UK progressed chart and it shows a significant impact on the health and reputation. The progressed chart dates back to 2nd of January 1945. At that point UK was humbled after the war. It had lost its empire and status, burdened with debt had to rebuild itself with smaller resources. UK is again in a similar situation at the cross roads with its forthcoming exit from the European Union. The axis of Sagittarius/Gemini axis would be the axis of 5th and 11th house in the natal chart and the 5th house stands for power, ministers and advisors and the 11th of allies and gains. Idealism will have to give way to practicality as Pūrvāṣāḍha is likely to be restrained by Saturn.

A lunar eclipse will follow on the 21st January when Moon will be in Puṣyā nakṣatra in the sign of Cancer and this will provide some relief.

Table of Solar eclipses for 2019

Eclipse Date Visibility UTC/GMT hrs Nakṣatra of the Sun Sign
Solar Eclipse (Partial) Jan 6 N. East Asia, Japan, Pacific 1.42.38 Pūrvāṣāḍha Sagittarius
Solar Eclipse (Total) July 2 Chile, Argentina, South America, Pacific 19.24.07 Ardrā Gemini
Solar Eclipse (Annular) Dec 26 Middle East, Asia, Pacific and Northwest Australia 5.18.53 Mūla Sagittarius


Total Solar Eclipse on July 2, 2019

The eclipse on July 2nd is total eclipse and will be in the sign of Gemini. It will be visible in its greatest magnitude in Chile, Argentina and some parts of South America. The duration of the eclipse is long and will last 4 minutes and 33 seconds. This eclipse happens soon after Mars leaves Gemini after a six week sojourn (from 7th of May to 22nd June) with Rahu and in opposition to Saturn and Ketu in Pūrvāṣāḍha nakṣatra in Sagittarius. This would have been a highly combative and irritating situation for Mars, though its mood will not be any better in Cancer. Mars is the physical and intellectual mettle in any horoscope and its debilitated position during the eclipse is not very auspicious. Mars in Cancer is position when one is seeking revenge.

The conjunction of Saturn and Ketu represents some sort of curse of the ancestors. This only happens when we live in ingratitude or irresponsibly. This is definitely true for the British, where the people in power seem to have frittered away the fruits of the hard work of ancestors. Saturn is restrictive, materialistic and is showing responsibility, whereas Ketu is spiritual but can show escapism as it does want to get into details nor does it believe in being held accountable. Sagittarius, the natural ninth house and represents dharma, duties and ethics. The karma theory emphasized in Bhagavat Gīta encourages us to face our karma and do one’s work diligently to exhaust our inherent tendencies as there can be no liberation before facing our duties.

The eclipse is in Ardrā nakṣatra which represents a tear drop or something that is fresh, moist and green. Ardrā is governed by Rudrā – a fierce form of Shiva, the one that makes one cry. Sometimes he wipes our tears after we have seen much sorrow and storm and are ready for transformation. The agenda of Ardrā is change, transformation, re-creation and repair.

People or countries with their natal Ascendant in Gemini will have to allow for changes in their life to take place. If the natal Sun or Moon is in the asterism of Ardrā, it is matter for concern of health or reputation.

Quoting from Bṛhat saṁhitā, “if the eclipse is in the sign of Gemini, high class women, kings and powerful ministers and the like and persons proficient in fine arts would be affected”.

Celebrities or Countries with Gemini Ascendants or Sun or Moon in Ardrā
Gemini Ascendant Sun in Ardrā Moon in Ardrā
HRH Dalai Lama XIV HRH Dalai Lama XIV Prince William
Hilary Clinton Julian Assange Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
Mexico Meryl Streep Taylor Swift
Federal Reserve of USA Hong Kong SAR Sonia Gandhi
Turkey Thailand Turkey
Iraq Spain


Annular winter eclipse on 26th December

The year ends with an annular eclipse in the early hours after the Christmas day. This eclipse is visible in the mostly in Asia and Australia and specifically in Saudi Arabia, India, the Island of Sumatra and Borneo in Indonesia and Malaysia. This will be the second eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius, however in Mūla nakṣatra. Mūla means a root and shows a fixed position trapped or bound like roots of a tree. The presiding deity is the Goddess of Disorder, Nirṛti. Sometimes this energy is needed to uproot existing stale energies and bring forth a new future. We should expect some major change in 2020 but not before a little more pain.

Six planets Sun, Saturn, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Ketu are crammed into Sagittarius on the eclipse day, creating a situation for explosive energies to unleash themselves. Only the houses owned by Mars and Venus are unscathed as they are not involved in the eclipse. Jupiter’s presence in the eclipsed house can be protective, however it is the ruler of the house of the eclipse. The lunar eclipse following this solar eclipse on 10th January 2020 is fortunate, as prayers are heard increasing prosperity and contentment.

People or countries with their natal Ascendant in Sagittarius will have to allow for changes in their life to take place. If the natal Sun or Moon is in the asterism of Mūla, it is matter for concern of health or reputation.

Celebrities or Countries with Sagittarius Ascendants or Sun or Moon in Mūla
Sagittarius Ascendant Sun in Mūla Moon in Mūla
Queen Elizabeth Justin Trudeau Rupert Murdoch
Prince William Emmanuel Macron Jeff Bezos
Prince Harry Brad Pitt Marine Le Pen
King Vajiralongkorn Steven Spielberg Charlee Sheen
USA (1776 chart) Annie Lennox Arnold Schwarzenegger
Hungary Russia Michael Douglas
Thai 1997 constitution



The eclipse hits the sign Sagittarius pretty hard during the year. The nakṣatra Pūrvāṣāḍha also suffers by the constant presence of Saturn.

The Solar energy is depleted in an eclipse and the remedy is to strengthen the Sun. We worship the pratayādi devata of Sun to overcome the bad energies. He is Shiva who is the “Father of the Universe” in Vedic lore. As the Solar energy represents truth and philosophy, we worship the teaching form of Shiva called Dakṣiṇāmūrti. Those with Ascendants in Sagittarius or Gemini, or Sun and Moon in the eclipsed nakṣatra should worship him on the day. Those with Moons in Sagittarius particularly Purvashada should do the remedies for Saturn as well. Giving to charity on this day is also highly encouraged. Observe fasting at the time of eclipse so that the fire of stomach is not ruined!

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