Shashti Hayini Dasa

Shashti Hayini Dasa – Conditional Vimshottari Dasa for Sun in the Ascendant

Published in Gochara, Volume 19, Issue 1 Spring 2018

Sun is the soul of all and represents the spirit of man. Sun in the first house will have the blessings of the Sun deity (Aditya) and therefore the person will carry the inner impulse of dhātṛ aditya. Dhātṛ is the founder or creator and he has the energy of Brahmā, the Creator God. He has knowledge and good karma. His impulse is to change the existing order and show creative ability and leadership. As Sun is the light, there is a heightened awareness of self which will encourage cultivation of a sense of honour, strong personality and a sense of purpose. Sun is also the karaka (significator) of the 1st house that governs our intellect and health. The person will have the health and vigour like the one having the Ascendant lord in the first house.

According to Parasara, ṣaṣṭisama dasa is a 60 year dasa and applies to charts with Sun in the ascendant in strength. This dasa is also called ṣaṣṭi hayini dasa,

यदार्को लग्नराशिस्थश्चिन्तया षष्टिसमा तदा।

yadāarko lagnarāśisthaścintayā ṣaṣṭisamā tadā|1

Dasa Period

As the Sun is the natural atma karaka, the emphasis is on the eight planets that form the chara karakas. They furnish the dasas and Ketu is excluded. They are divided into two groups based on functional relationships. The first group (Sura Group) that works in cooperation with the Sun to further the soul’s objectives consists of Jupiter followed by Sun and Mars. The other set is the Asura group led by Moon with Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Rahu. They are more materialistic and can lead us astray. The Sura group is a total of 30 years, with each of the three planets getting 10 years. The Asura group gets a total of 30 years with the 5 planets getting 6 years each. Moon is strictly not an Asura, but it creates attachment.

The planets own the 28 nakshatra in groups of 3 or 4 and the counting starts from Ashwini where the Sun is exalted. The order of planets in the dasa scheme is Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Rahu. If at the time of birth Moon is in Purva Phalguni then the first dasa would be that of Moon and the balance dasa will be calculated as how one does in regular Vimshottari dasa. The table giving the ownership of nakshatras and the periods of planets are given below: 2

Nakshatra Dasa Period Nakshatra Dasa Period
Ashwini Jupiter 10 Swati Mercury 6
Bharani Visakha
Krittika Anuradha
Rohini Sun 10 Jyeshta Venus 6
Mrigashira Moola
Ardra Purvashadha
Punarvasu Uttarashada
Pusya Mars 10 Abhijit Saturn 6
Aslesha Shravana
Magha Dhanishta
Purva Phalguni Moon 6 Satabisha Rahu 6
Uttara Phalguni Purva Bhadrapada
Hasta Uttara Bhadrapada
Chitra Revati


The probability of placement of the Sun in the Ascendant is only 1/12th and therefore one should consider applying ṣaṣṭi hayini dasa where applicable. The final results however will depend on the rasi the Sun is placed in, the houses it rules, the conjunctions with other planets and dasa governing the period. The dasa of the Sura Group will be favourable to the realising the goals of the soul and the dasa of the asura group will steer them away from their main purpose.

Dalai Lama – Spiritual Leader, Political Activist ( July 6, 1935 4.38 Taktser,China)

The Ascendant is Gemini with Sun, Mercury and Ketu in the first house. Shashtisama dasa is applicable. Mercury is not combust and in its own sign has bhadra mahapurusha yoga which makes Dalai Lama well versed in sacred literature, skilled in yoga and of sattvic nature, yet protecting the members of human family. With the blessings of Gaṇeśa (the deity that governs prithvi, the earth element), he has authored over 100 books including two autobiographies. The conjunction of Sun with Ketu made him spiritually aware and his books were all on the subject matter of liberation.

Sun is in Gemini, its exaltation navamsa and has raja yoga. It is the 3rd lord of courage. Sun in Gemini manifests the qualities of mitrā aditya, the one who is the friend of all and enforcer of contracts. He has been a symbol of compassion and an ambassador of peace. And yet the impulse of the first house makes him tirelessly strive to secure an independent future for his homeland Tibet. This Sun, Mercury and Ketu combination is aspected by Mars from Virgo (rasi).

Mars is the atma karaka, the soul planet and yet is the most malefic planet for a Gemini Ascendant. Therefore the lessons in life will be hard as Mars tries to bring its teachings and methods to the consciousness. Mars is the 6th Lord placed in Virgo (which is again a navamsa exaltation sign) which will make him a formidable warrior. It was said that after the death of the 13th Dalai Lama, the other Lamas were seeking a “fearless child”. The placement of 6th Lord Mars in the 4th house, however made it difficult for him to have a steady home. He left home for Lhasa at a tender age of 3 under perilous conditions after being identified as the reincarnation of 13th Dalai Lama. He had again to flee his homeland Tibet in tenuous circumstances at 24years of age and has since then lived in exile.

Applying ṣaṣṭi hayini dasa, Moon is in Purvaphalguni, therefore we start with Moon dasa with 5 ½ years left of the 6 years. It is the 2nd lord of family and lineage, he was discovered by the Lamas when barely 2 years old as the reincarnated Dalai Lama. Moon is with its shubhapati Venus (ruler of the nakshatra Purvaphalgni) who is the 5th lord of power. He was brought to Lhasa and enthroned when he was 5 years old. However, this was not to last, as Venus is in marana position from Arudha in Pisces. Tibet was occupied by the Chinese Army in 1950. Much later in 2011 while running Venus Maha dasa and the antar dasa of the Atma Karaka Mars, he permanently renounced his political powers.

He started his formal studies in Mercury dasa and completed them at 23 years of age in 1959 at the end of Saturn dasa. Saturn is the 9th Lord in deva amsa and retrograde. His appeal to the governments of the United States and United Kingdom for help for Tibet were met with indifference. He also participated in several unsuccessful peace talks with those in power in China.

Rahu is most malefic to Sun as it eclipses it, and one can see shocking results and betrayals in this dasa. Within days of Rahu dasa starting, he had to flee with 80,000 refugees from Tibet and crossed the border into India. Rahu, is the co-lord of the 9th house, placed in badhaka position and debilitated. It has however directional strength in the 7th house. The deity of South-western direction Nirṛti was invoked by his move to India. India bitterly suffered in the hands of the Chinese Army retaliation in 1962. Rahu is also placed in the 3rd house of the jagannath drekkana, showing that Rahu dasa will bring harsh incidents in his life. On the positive note, Rahu dasa saw the establishment of the exile government in Dharmasala, India, in the foothills of Himalayas as his new home.

Jupiter is most beneficial planet to the Sun belonging to the Sura group, supporting the soul. It is the 10th Lord of karma placed in trine to the Ascendant Lord Mercury positively influencing it. Jupiter is also in trine from the karakamsa (sign of atma karaka planet in navamsa). During this dasa he managed to create and strengthen the Tibetan educational institutions in India. The Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies and a further 200 monasteries and nunneries were set up in an attempt to preserve Tibetan Buddhist teachings and the Tibetan way of life. His bhadra maha purusha yoga fully manifested when he set up the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives in Dharamshala which houses over 80,000 manuscripts and important knowledge resources related to Tibetan history, politics and culture. During this dasa, he managed to create a legacy for Buddhist followers all over the world for studying and practising Tibetan Buddhism.

After securing the heritage and culture of Tibet, during the Sun dasa, he displayed the qualities of mitrā aditya and became a peace ambassador of Tibet, tirelessly travelling to meet the head of states and dignitaries across the world and carrying the message of freedom for Tibet.

During the dasa of the atma karaka Mars, he reaped the rewards of the work he had done in the last 40 years. He became prominent world-wide. His eloquent speech at the Congressional Human Rights Caucus in Washington, DC proposing a Five Point Peace Plan for Tibet’s future paved the way for getting a Nobel peace prize in 1989. He became the ambassador of peace and compassion fulfilling the role of the mitrā aditya.


Alfred Nobel – Swedish Inventor and industrialist who invented dynamite and founded the Nobel Prizes (October 21, 1833 6.40 Stockholm, Sweden)

Alfred Nobel was born with a horoscope that promised great wealth and success. Sun is in the Ascendant in Libra. Sun as the 11th Lord in ascendant makes one wealthy and successful in most ventures. Sun in Libra has the grace of Pūṣaṇ aditya who is known for giving wealth and success in business. So the impulse given by the placement of Sun in the 1st house will lead to creativity in business to generate wealth. Alfred Nobel became one of the wealthiest men in Europe by the end of his life, owning 355 patents for chemical compounds under his name. Sun is in Chitra nakshatra lorded by Tvaṣṭr who is the celestial architect and the maker of divine weapons. Alfred Nobel’s interest in science and technology was inherited from his father who was also an inventor, and from a very early age was obsessed with explosives.

Sun is conjunct Mars and Mercury in Swati nakshatra. Swati is lorded by deity Vayu, the wind God. The combination of fire element of Chitra and air element of Swati created the intelligence necessary for making explosives. The aspect of an exalted Rahu from the 9th house on this conjunction makes it more complete for making explosives.

Venus is master of chemicals. It is the maha yogada that links the special ascendants of ghatika and hora, both in Virgo, with the ascendant. Venus is in the 5th house in the navamsa giving him a natural ability in the subject matter. Nobel did not undergo formal schooling. He apprenticed with chemists from the age of 10. Rahu is debilitated in dasamsa ascendant, the nodes in the 1/7 axis give extraordinary research abilities and if they are debilitated, they generate huge wealth as well.

Sun is debilitated in Libra. It is the jnati karaka, signifying family. Though the debilitation gets a cancellation from Mars in Libra, it was visible in the events surrounding his life. The family business was bankrupted twice. Sun is the badhaka and the lord of the arudha of the 3rd house. When he moved back to Sweden after the bankruptcy of his father’s business in Russia, the badhaka was activated and he lost his brother in one of his dangerous experiments.

Applying ṣaṣṭi hayini dasa, Moon is in Shravana and the first dasa is of Saturn followed by Rahu dasa. As Rahu is the 9th house of long distance travel, during this dasa, he left his country with his family to go to Russia to join his father who was in the business of making weapons for the Czar. The dasa of Jupiter from the Sura group started when he was barely 10 years old. He left school and started training as an apprentice first with a chemist in St Petersburg, then in Paris and finally in the USA when he studied chemistry and worked with the inventor John Ericson. Jupiter helps in the soul’s purpose and it is exalted in the 9th house in dasamsa.

In Sun dasa, Nobel made his way back home to Sweden when the family business of supplying weapons went bankrupt. Back at home, he threw himself into research and experiments with the knowledge he gained in the Jupiter dasa. He got his first patent in 1857 in the UK for gas meter during Mercury antar dasa. Mercury is the atma karaka and the 9th lord in ascendant promising fame. It is also in the 5th house of promotion of status in dasamsa.

Mars dasa started in 1863 and it was the culmination of the efforts of the Sura group planets. He invented a detonator at the start of 1863 and received his first Swedish patent the same year on ways to prepare gunpowder. He successfully patented Dynamite (meaning power in Greek) in the antar dasa of the ascendant Lord Venus. This paved the way for further inventions and patents which helped him to amass wealth. Initially dynamite was used by railroads and steel companies, and later by armaments companies. By the end of Mars dasa he had achieved his life purpose.

In the Moon and Mercury dasas, he moved out of Sweden to Paris. He was more of a business man than an inventor investing heavily with his brothers in companies that used dynamite and its more powerful compounds, in armament factories and also in oil from the Caspian Sea that made him one of wealthiest amongst the businessman in Europe.

In Mercury dasa, the atma karaka dasa, he was recognised for his work and was elected a member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences in 1884, however he suffered from depression. His personal life was not very satisfactory. Though Sun in the 1st house gave him a lot of relationships (akin to Ascendant lord in the 1st), none of them materialised into a marriage. The depression continued in Venus maha dasa and after the death of elder brother during Sun antar dasa (11th lord), he created a foundation and left his wealth in trust for Nobel Prizes. He is mostly remembered for this generosity.


Mao Tse-tung – Military leader and Founder of the Communist Party of China (December 26, 1893 7.30am Siangtan, China)

Sun is the lord of the 9th house in the ascendant showing a promise of fame. The Sun is in 1st house, there is a natural impulse to reshape the world. Sun in Sagittarius gives the qualities of Anśuman aditya, the one who believes in equity and justice for all. Mao was born into a landed wealthy peasant family and despite his peasant background, he was well-read and politically inclined from a very young age. He was against imperialism and elitist power. When still in his teens, as a symbol of rebellion against the Manchu monarch, Mao cut off his queue pigtails, a sign of subservience to the emperor.

However the Sun is in Mula nakshatra ruled by the deity of disorder Nirṛti and it falls in the 4th amsa of Sagittarius which is a rakshasha amsa. The hunger for power and lack of compassion comes from this placement. Further Sun is aspected (rasi) by the nodes creating a sarpa yoga (three malefics in a angles) in the chart with no benefics in angles to mitigate the situation. A person with sarpa yoga usually becomes harsh with time, unable to get out binding events in life. Jupiter, the dispositor of Sun, is the atma karaka aspects the 1st house from the 5th house, but it is also rakshasa amsa. The Sun is also aspected by an exalted and vargottama Saturn from the 11th house and by the nodes (rasi aspect).

Mao was born in Mars dasa as Moon is in Ashlesha nakshatra (Ashlesha belongs to Mars in this dasa scheme). Mars and Moon dasa (from 5-11 years) were spent with the parents and younger siblings. Mercury dasa shaped his political consciousness and he was influenced by anti-imperialists such as Sun Yat-sen. The conjunction of Mercury the 10th lord with the 5th lord Mars is raja yoga and is aspected by Rahu. This gave him an interest in foreign warfare and military strategies of George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte. Mercury is also the 7th Lord, his father organised a marriage for him which he did not consummate. The Upapada is in the 8th house which is very difficult.

During the Venus dasa, Mao was left begging and wandering the streets as his father cut him off due to his intellectual pursuits spending much of his time studying western liberalism. Venus is the most malefic planet for a Sagittarius Ascendant.

Saturn is exalted and exchanges with Venus in Capricorn. Saturn has aspect on the Ascendant, the lord of Ascendant Lord Jupiter and the Moon. During the Saturn dasa from 1917 to 1923, he gave up the western liberalism for Marxism and communism. As Saturn is the 2nd lord his financial situation improved as he got a teaching position in Beijing. During the antar dasa of Mars the 5th lord in a raja yoga, the Chinese communist party was founded. He also married for the second time as Saturn is the dara karaka and in navamsa lagna.

Rahu is inimical to Sagittarius ascendants and Rahu dasa was his worst dasa from 1923 to 1929. The battles with the anti-communists KMT party left him homeless again and he was expelled from his own communist party.

In the next 20 years, from start of Jupiter maha dasa in 1929 to the start of the Mars maha dasa in 1949, he achieved what he had set out to do sub-consciously since child hood. Jupiter is the atma karaka and lagna lord placed in the 5th house. He gained control of the communist party in Mercury antar dasa and it was the most blissful period in his life. He wrote books on philosophy the revolution and war. He had fathered 5 children with his 3rd wife but divorced her and married an actress.

During the Sun maha dasa, he was made chairman of the Secretariat and of the Political Bureau (Politburo) and subsequent to this there was a gradual hardening of his personality. He was responsible for the brutal handling of the KMT supporters who were anti-communists and for driving them out of the mainland to consolidate his power in 1948.

The start of Mars dasa was very fruitful with the formation of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 after a struggle of nearly 20 years. Mao had achieved his life purpose by this time. However the 5th Lord Mars is with badhakesha Mercury in Scorpio aspected by Rahu in the 12th house. This led to gruesome results. Mao participated in the Korean War enthusiastically and personally commanded the troops regarding strategies to be employed. Thereafter, thousands were secretly purged who were suspected of opposing him in a movement called the “hundred flowers”. The elite and landed were tortured and/or killed in the land reform movement. Mars dasa resulted in the death of a more than two million lives.

In Moon dasa, the atrocities reached stratospheric levels. The economic programme called “The Great Leap” forward resulted in the death of at least 20-40 million peasants due to starvation. He refused to admit his mistakes, typical of a Jupiter Atma Karaka. Saturn the 3rd lord is exalted and placed in the 11th house, he could hear very well but could not listen as the 11th is blocked. Under the banner of a cultural revolution purged the intellectuals who had questioned his strategies. China was thrown into chaos. Moon is in Marana position in the 8th house in Ashlesha Nakshatra ruled by the deity Sarpa. It is aspected by Rahu and Saturn bringing a Shraddha Yoga (Death rites) for the people. Moon is also in the 12th from his Arudha in Leo, masses had to die for his image to rise. Moon was also in a shadow house from the Sun, therefore completely not aligned with the purpose of the soul.

Mao had turned into a ruthless self-indulgent dictator on attaining absolute power from a very down- to- earth leader in the early days. Even if one could justify the brutalities of Mars dasa under the consolidation of power, the atrocities of Moon dasa seems to be totally out of character from the person who wanted freedom from the imperialists.

To conclude, one can say that the placement of Sun in the 1st house always gives a creative impulse which manifests through the qualities of the Aditya of the rasi it is placed in. Dalai Lama exhibited the qualities of mitrā aditya in bringing the message of peace and friendship to the world; Alfred Nobel that of pūṣaṇ aditya in becoming wealthy and nourishing the world with the money and partially by Mao of anshuman aditya in getting rid of imperialism and in bringing communism to China.

However, one should always look at the conjunctions and aspects to the Sun and the position of the dispositor of Sun. Dalai lama had sarpa yoga like Mao, but escaped it with the help of Mercury placed in the 1st house. Mercury is the planet of Ahimsa. Mao could not get out his sarpa yoga as there was no benefic in the angles. He mildly experienced the goodness of Jupiter only during its dasa which had an aspect to the ascendant. The placement of the Moon from the Sun is absolutely crucial to make ultimate judgement of the results. Moon must be in favour and be supportive of the Sun. All the three personalities experienced their fulfilment of the purpose in the Sura group of Jupiter, Sun and Mars dasa.

Om Tat Sat

1 BHPS Volume 2 Girish Chand Sharma – Chapter 49, Section 9

2 Vimshottari and Udu Dashas – Pandit Sanjay Rath – Chapter 14, Table 51

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