Eye on the Sky – Solar eclipses of 2018 and the summer of discontent

There are three solar eclipses this year. All of the solar eclipses are partial and their magnitude is much smaller than the August eclipse we saw last year. However the tango of Mars and Ketu in Capricorn in the summer months when Mars is mostly retrograde during the two eclipses, with the planets hemmed between the nodes in a Kala amrita yoga will create friction and there is a greater need for caution. Jupiter in Libra is blessing for Aries and Libra and to an extent to Aquarius and Gemini ascendants until it transits into Scorpio in October.

On 15th February, we will experience the first of the three partial solar eclipses due this year. It will be visible in Argentina and parts of Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and the Falklands at 20.51GMT. The eclipse will take place in Aquarius in the third pada of Dhanishta nakshatra. (2 degrees of Aquarius). This nakastra is lorded by the “Eight Vasus” who bestow fame and material wealth.

Both rajas guna planets Venus and Mercury are in Aquarius caught in the eclipse, showing desires will have to be kept in check. Jupiter is transiting Libra and has a Rasi aspect on Aquarius and that is a huge blessing. A lunar eclipse on the 31st of January has preceded the solar eclipse and this is not considered fortunate. Discord among couples are more likely.

People or countries with their natal Ascendant in Aquarius will have to allow for changes in their life to take place. If the natal Sun or Moon is in the asterism of Dhanishta in Aquarius, it is matter for concern of health or reputation.

Varahamihira in Brihat Samhita has said that if there is an Eclipse is in Aquarius – people of mountains and forests, bearers of burden, thieves, and barbarians are affected! Barbara (बर्बरा) is actually a Sanskrit word referring to Non-Aryans, curly haired or stammering people.

UK Progressed chart (Leo Ascendant) will have this eclipse in the 7th house of business and therefore companies and businesses are likely to experience further uncertainty due to BREXIT related issues. Russia will have its 7th house of business impacted by this eclipse.

Table of Solar Eclipses for 2018

Date Type Visibility UTC /GMT (Peak time) Nakshatra of Sun Sign
15 Feb 2018 Partial Argentina, parts of Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile 20.51.29 Dhanishta Aquarius
13 July 2018 Partial Antarctica, Tasmania, lower Australia 3.01.05 Punarvasu Gemini
11 Aug 2018 Partial Finland, Norway, Russia and Greenland 9.46.24 Ashlesha Cancer


Summer of Discontent

Looking further ahead, we will have two solar eclipses in July and August with a lunar eclipse in between on the 27th July. It will be a summer of discontent as Mars and Ketu are dancing tango in Capricorn. Mars enters Capricorn on the 2nd of May and has three conjunctions with Ketu before it leaves the sign on the 6th November. Both Mars and Ketu are ruled by the fire element. That is where their similarity ends. Mars in Capricorn is in a position of victory and courage and he wants to feel elated in this sign and forge ahead logically. However Ketu appears impulsive and works from knowledge of past and unknown realms. This frustrates Mars and actions become fiery, combustible leading to accidents, mistakes and violence. Mars will become retrograde in Capricorn from June 27th and will remain in that condition during the eclipses till end of August. The usual forward approach of Mars will be replaced by doubt, misplaced action or revenge.

Two of the three conjunctions are in Shravana nakshatra which is symbolised by “three steps” – the three steps to evolve. It represents our abilities to listen, reflect and follow. It will be of no surprise that the summer will be fraught with trust issues, gossip and inability to understand each other. Unfinished business from the last year will emerge as Sun will move forward into Cancer on the 17th July slipping back into the Kala Amrita Yoga that we got out off in January. 17th July is also the date when Mars and Ketu will meet the 2nd time in Shravana. Aries and Libra Ascendants will be protected by Jupiter.

Solar Eclipse July 2018

The eclipse of 13th July is on a Friday and will happen four days before the second conjunction of a retrograde Mars and Ketu in the sign Gemini in Punarvasu on Tuesday! Ironically, Punarvasu means “let there be light again”. It shows the ability to bounce back and this energy comes from the deity Aditi. This eclipse is not be visible in most of inhabited parts of the world and remote parts of Antarctica, extreme south of Australia and Tasmania are affected. It is in the sign of Gemini and in a different sign from that of the nodes in the Cancer- Capricorn axis. Mercury the lord of Gemini is caught with Rahu the north node. Gemini is aspected by Saturn from Sagittarius which could bring troubles from famines, droughts and thieves but the aspect of Jupiter from Libra should help.

The lunar eclipse on the 27th July following the solar eclipse is considered fortunate as happiness can prevail.

Gemini is a human sign, royalty and genteel people will be affected. Artists and artistic activities could suffer. People with Ascendants in Gemini and Sun and Moon in Punarvasu should do appropriate remedies.

Celebrities with Gemini Ascendant or Sun or Moon in Punarvasu
Gemini Ascendant Sun in Punarvasu in Gemini Moon in Punarvasu in Gemini
Alex Salmond Harrison Ford Harrison Ford
Hilary Clinton George W Bush Keanu Reeves
Steven Spielberg Arianna Huffington Penelope Cruz
Dalai Lama Republic of Iraq Catherine Duchess of Cambridge
Turkey USA Lewis Hamilton
Republic of Iraq
Federal Reserve of US


Solar Eclipse August 2018

The eclipse of 11th August follows a fortnight after the lunar eclipse on the 27th July, which is unfortunate.It is visible closer to the north-pole in Greenland, Finland, Norway, Mongolia and northern parts of Russia and China.

Sun and Moon join Mercury and Rahu in Cancer opposed by a retrograde Mars and Ketu in Capricorn. The game is set for a tug of war with 6 planets in Cancer-Capricorn axis and the rest hemmed by a kala amrita yoga. The eclipse is in Ashlesha Nakshatra which is ruled by the serpent energies that is intense, hypnotic and secretive. The serpent is nothing but our desires we get bound by, we have to subjugate our lower desires to rise that is represented by the rising of kundalini energy from the lower to higher chakras. There are no saviours here as the benevolent aspect of Jupiter is not there on the eclipsed sign Cancer, and Venus the guru of the Asuras (dark forces) is debilitated in Virgo.

When the eclipse is in Cancer, there could be too much rain or uneven rainfall. When Mars aspects an eclipse one can expect war and risk from fire. People and countries with Cancer Ascendants should be prepared for ground breaking changes in their lives. Those with Moon and Sun in Ashlesha should be careful about their health and reputation and should do appropriate remedies. Business and social interaction of Capricorn Ascendants can be negatively affected.

Celebrities with Cancer Ascendant, Sun or Moon in Ashlesha and Capricorn Ascendants
Cancer Ascendant Sun in Ashlesha Moon in Ashlesha Capricorn Ascendants
Bill Clinton Barack Obama Nicolas Sarkozy Emmanuel Macron
George W Bush Marine Le Pen Paul McCartney Justin Trudeau
Prince Charles Madonna Queen Elizabeth Barack Obama
Sonia Gandhi Roger Federer Democratic Rep of Hungary Jayendra Saraswathi
Richard Branson India Adele Atkins
Julia Roberts Pakistan Michael J Fox
Germany Singapore People’s Republic of China



The remedy is to worship the Sun by offering a prayer to “Father of the Universe” Or Shiva in Vedic lore. The teaching form of Shiva is Dakshinamurthy and all those with Ascendants or Sun and Moon in the eclipsed Nakshatra should worship him. Giving to charity on this day is also highly encouraged. Observe fasting at the time of eclipse so that the fire of stomach is not ruined!

Om Tat Sat


Pandit Sanjay Rath’s workshop on Eclipses, 2010 – London

Brihat Samhita, Varahamihira

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  1. Congrats Vijaya ,this was highly intriguing & informative . I really look forward for some more articles .Pls suggest how the person or the ascendant , affect by the eclipse should take care of his or her ,health and reputation.
    Regards Ritu Khurana

    1. Hi Ritu. Thanks for your praise. I have written a lot about eclipses, subscribe to my website. You will get them regularly. The remedy is always the same. Do Japa of Dakshinamurthy – Om Dakshinamurty Ratar om – 1008 times – if your ascenadant, moon or sun is affected.
      If your asc is cancer this year, really surrender apart from Japa. Fast at that time and give donations at a temple.

  2. Vijaya Ji

    Many thanks, for a brilliant article. Can I also do the same mantra? I am cancer lagna with four planet ( Sun , Mer, Sat and moon). Right now I am in my Surya mahadasha and surya is in punarvasu. All other 3 planet in ashlesha.

  3. This is great information! I wonder if you have a table showing the natives and countries w Dhanistha lagna, moon or sun? namaste

    1. Thank you I did not make one for Dhanishta as I did not think the solar eclipse is that harmful with a Jupiter aspect. Dhanishta is also in Capricorn and we should take care that we do not apply to this people born with Sun and Moon in Dhanishta in Capricorn.

  4. Hello Vijaya ,

    Very Very Nice and Interesting Article . I was looking for some info on the upcoming eclipses , thanks i found only this article in the entire web .

    I have some doubts and Questions . I hope you will enlighten me with your knowledge

    Question 1) Aries and Libra Ascendants will be protected by Jupiter. Will Aquarius also be protected ? .

    Question 2) It looks like we always asses first the solar eclipses and then the lunar eclipses for nations . Is it the same for individuals .

    Question 3) For the upcoming solar eclipses on 13th July- the impact is mostly in south pacific ocean , southern part of indian ocean , Antarctica etc . But the lunar eclipse is completely shadowing India and its sub continent . In that case , can we assume that this july month eclipse will have no impact on india , as there is no impact of 13th july solar eclipse in india.

    Question 4) Now how do we fix the Lagna/time zone . If iam suppose to check the effect of eclipse in New Delhi , should i look into the eclipse timing in new delhi or i should use GMT and fix Gemini Lagna for every nation ?

    Sorry to bother your with these questions .

    Thanks again for this nice article.

    1. Hi Sree. I will attempt to answer some questions. Please write me an email privately if you want further clarifications
      1)The chara rasis (movable signs) will need a lot of protection as all the malefics will be in Cancer and Capricorn axis. Of the four, Aries and Libra will be protected to an extent by Jupiter, that is why I mentioned them. Yes, Aquarius will receive a graha dhrsti, so fine but the problem of Aquarius is not as much with the malefics being in 6/12 axis.
      2) I am not discussing Lunar eclipses at all, except there is a rule about predicting the results of solar eclipse when followed or preceded by lunar eclipse. When a lunar eclipse follows a solar eclipse, then it is fortunate.
      3) Eclipses are not about visibility in the sky but whether they are hitting your ascendant, Sun or Moon. The word “rising” needs interpretation which Guruji clarified. He has written extensively on it in Jyotish digest (I think in 2003, 2012) and has done a workshop in London on the subject.
      You can also read my US eclipse article of last year to understand the basics (that is on the site)
      4) Eclipse lagna will be different for countries. You have to convert the GMT or UT time into local time and see what is the lagna to see which house the eclipse falls. But eclipse will be in Gemini as Sun will be there in July and in Cancer in August.

      Hope this helps answers your queries for now.


  5. Great article (strange days indeed …) and really nice site, Vijaya, stumbled across it by accident and am happy I did.

    All best wishes to you,

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