UK – Fortunate or Eclipsed

United Kingdom – Fortunate or Eclipsed?

The appropriate proverb for the situtation in the UK is the translation of the Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times”. There are a lot of challenges ahead of us with respect to deadlines, expenses and a potential for serious conflict with our neighbours. Some soul searching is necessary. I have taken an in-depth look at the impact of the current solar eclipse of 2017 on the prospects of the UK, based on the principles taught by my Jyotish Guru Pandit Sanjay Rath in his eclipse workshop in London in 2010. This article will seek to show that eclipse in November 2012 before the UK’s Aries Dasha had started laid the the ground for the current problems, which are likely to continue, particularly with respect to the instability in politics, home affairs and national identity. However there are there are good prospects for recovery from 2019 onwards. Those who are supporters of labour party might have a long wait!

The Great American Eclipse of 2017

The solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 will not be visible in the United Kingdom. And yet the fortunes of the country may be directly impacted, particularly if the ascendant is involved. Solar eclipse is that moment where we connect with divine energies and it shows us a glimpse of the total karma waiting to unfold.

The original chart for the UK of 1801 will have correctly worked for 144 years (12 years per sign) and then after that we use a progressed chart from 1945 for another 144 years. This progressed chart has Leo as ascendant with Moon in Magha. The Prime Minster Theresa May also has her natal Moon in Magha. Here is the UK progressed chart.

UK Progressed chart (1945-2089)

Total Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

The solar eclipse on August 21st is in the sign of Leo hitting the ascendant of the UK progressed chart. It is in Magha Nakshatra which is the brightest star in the sickle shaped cluster in the front of the constellation of Leo. Magha means mighty and symbolises a throne. It is a very karmic nakshatra ruled by Ketu and brings into this life a strong association with past life skills and qualities. This nakashtra is owned by “Pitris” or ancestors and brings the blessing for our good deeds in the past. Two of the strongest Prime Ministers of the UK in the past have had their Moon in Magha: Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher.

The signs aspected by Leo will also be affected. Leo aspects Capricorn (eclipse ascendant), Aries and Libra. Jupiter protects Capricorn by aspect but the other signs of Libra and Aries receive none. The 7th house of the eclipse chart is in the sign of Cancer. It is highly afflicted with the combination of a marana Mars (Mars in the 7th is in marana (death-like) position) with Rahu and Venus. Moon the lord of Cancer is also in marana position in the 8th house, showing people are extremely unhappy.

UK is running Aries maha dasa at present under the Narayana Dasa system, the lord Mars in marana is very unfortunate for the coming year.

Varahamihira points out in Brihat Samhita that when an eclipse impacts the ascendant of a country there could be financial pressures, poor harvests and or danger or ill-health to the political leaders and government. The eclipse is not only affecting the ascendant but also the Moon as the natal Moon is in Magha in the UK progressed chart, implying the reputation of the country is at stake. The eclipse energy will be intensely felt as Leo is aspected by two malefics: Rahu and Saturn.

It is said that if the eclipse is in ascendant or the 7th house and if Saturn favours, the kings will not fall. Saturn is the lord of the eclipse chart and is placed in Scorpio but is retrograde. Rahu also aspects the sign Scorpio, which shows some cheating, manipulation and wrangling. The combination of retrograde Saturn together with a Rahu aspect can show reversal of fortunes. Saturn also exchanges with Ketu in Capricorn in lagna. The lord of Scorpio Mars is in Marana.

Theresa May, the Prime Minister has her Moon in Magha and is suspected to be a Scorpio Ascendant. Her ascendant is afflicted but has not been directly hit. Her reputation will suffer badly. The 10th house in her chart is Leo, the sign of the eclipse. This shows that there is problem or compromise in the quality of work than loss of power. There has been a lot of shuffling of key portfolios since the election paving the way for further compromises.

Mercury is caught in the eclipsed house and is in Purva Phalguni nakshatra and combust. The affliction of Mercury shows that trade and business with be affected and it owns the 2nd and 11th house of income and gains of the natal chart. As the eclipse is in a sign of Agni tattva, the consequences will be felt in Jala tattva and expect emotions to run high, if we don’t see floods!

This is further confirmed by the rule that when the total solar eclipse on August 21st is preceded by a lunar eclipse on the August 7, we can expect more rebellion, divisive politics and hostilities to continue.

To determine the class of people affected by the eclipse, we divide the day into seven portions as follows:

Eclipse Time
No Planet Start End
1 Jup 5.58 7.59
2 Mar 7.59 12.02 August 21, 2017 UTC BST
3 Mer 10.01 12.02 Begins 16.48.32 17.4832
4 Sun 12.02 14.03 Max 18.26.40 19.26.40
5 Moo 14.03 16.05 End 20.01.35 21.01.35
6 Ven 16.05 18.07 Suffer Sun rise time in UK 5.58
7 Sat 18.07 20.10 Hit Sun Set Time in UK 20.10


As the eclipse will start at the time of Venus, women and service class may be affected, however the intensity of eclipse reaches its maximum during the timing of Saturn indicating that dissenting public, opposition, frauds, cheats and people from around the region or border areas will be hurt.

The total solar eclipse on August 21st is in the sign of Leo and the Vedic month of Shravana. According to Varahamira in Brihat Samhita, when the eclipse is in Simha(Leo), it would hurt tribe of hunters, heroic persons and forest denizens as Simha stands for bravery and forest areas. And when the eclipse is in the month of Shravana, he says that in such a case it will harm the people in the northern direction and internal affairs.

Generally, this eclipse is likely to increase divisiveness and there will be more dissent going forward. There will be some instability at the top level, however we can say that the opposition should suffer as well as the eclipse energy is felt mostly by the period held by Saturn. Northern areas and forests can be under further danger of being flattened to access EU Biomass subsidies. A repeat of the Scottish referendum would be not be advisable within the next year for the country.

Aries Maha Dasa 2013 to 2020

The current Narayana maha dasa is Aries which started in 2013 and will last until 2020. Aries is the 9th house in the natal chart, bringing the bhagya (fortune) of the country. The lord of Aries, Mars is placed in the 5th in Sagittarius with the Ascendant lord Sun which should have been extremely fortunate financially. However exalted Ketu is with Sun and Mars. In opposition is Rahu and Saturn in Gemini and in badhaka position to Sagittarius. The nodes are exalted and are in 1/7 axis to Mars, the dasa lord showing some karmic retribution. Saturn rules the 6th house of enemies and 7th house of opposition. Its retrogression will mean that the opposition will be intense and challenging. Moon in ascendant in the trines is however positive.

Total Solar Eclipse of November 2012 prior to the start of Aries Maha Dasa

In order to predict the results of a dasa we have to analyse the solar eclipse prior to it. The solar eclipse prior to the start of the Aries maha dasa was in November 2012.

The eclipse Ascendant is Cancer, the 12th house in the UK natal chart signifying matters such as foreigners, borders and expenses. The eclipse itself is in the 4th house in Libra which is damaging to the fortunes of the country. Fourth house matters of home, happiness and property will be affected. The signs aspected by Libra are Taurus, Leo and Aquarius. Taurus is protected by Jupiter in it and Jupiter aspects the eclipsed house Libra by a sign aspect. Leo and Aquarius are not protected which is 1/7 axis of the natal chart. This again shows instability at the top level of government during the entire dasha and as Moon is affected, reputation of the country will also suffer.

UK went through an ill-planned referendum in June 2016 which separated the country from the European Union. Sun is debilitated showing irresponsibility and weakness of the people in charge, viz. the Prime Minister David Cameron. The sign of Scorpio (4th house in the natal chart) has a papa kartari between the eclipsed dark Moon in the 4th and Mars in the 6th house. Scorpio has an afflicted Mercury that is retrograde that was compromised by debilitated Rahu (8th lord in the 5th – gambler). David Cameron has a Virgo Ascendant. The eclipse energy is carried by the lord of the sign of Libra, but Venus is debilitated in the 3rd house showing an action which will be incorrect decision will result. The referendum has split the people of the country in the core.

Libra the eclipsed house is the 3rd house in the natal UK chart and therefore after the result of referendum, there is uncertainty about short-term travel to Europe and sanctity of existing business contracts. An exalted Saturn (high principled and lofty ideals) is also caught with the eclipse intensifying it. Saturn is the 7th house in the natal chart and represents the opposition the European Union, which is calling for punitive action to this rebellion. Jupiter’s aspect on the eclipsed house and its lord Venus should help improve the situation of communication, negotiation and agreements with the EU. In the election chart (of June 8th, the 10th lord was Jupiter retrograde in 4th).

The November 2012 eclipse happened at night. To determine the class of people affected by the eclipse, we divide the night from sun set to sun rise the next day of the eclipse into 7 portions as follows.

Eclipse Time
No Planet Start End
1 Moo 16.12 18.21
2 Ven 18.22 20.30 Nov 13, 2012 UTC GMT
3 Sat 20.30 22.39 Suffer/Hit Begins 20.35.08 20.35.08
4 Jup 22.39 00.51 Ends/Benefit Max 22.12.55 22.11.55
5 Mar 00.51 03.00 Benefit End 23.48.24 23.48.24
6 Mer 03.00 05.10 Sun Set time in UK 16.12.04
7 Sun 05.10 07.19 Sun rise the next day 07.19.25


As the eclipse both starts and reaches maximum intensity at the time of Saturn, the class of people indicated by Saturn will be hurt – Labour class, dissenting public, frauds, cheats and people from around the region or border areas will be hurt. This is good as Saturn is a dire malefic for Leo Ascendant.

Saturn can also represent the fortunes of the Labour party. Since the beginning of the Aries dasa in 2013 it has fallen into hard times and showed extreme poor result in the 2015 general election. There was further disintegration with massive infighting which has now been resolved under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

It is also worthy to mention that the benefits to the pensioners, disabled and diseased, all represented by Saturn have been systematically cut during this period. Party manifestos are focussing on cutting benefits to needy and redirecting them to the younger and growing parts of economies.

The antar dasa of Cancer (within Aries maha dasa), which will begin in September 2017 could be difficult as Moon is the 12th lord of expenses and is placed in lagna of the natal chart. It is most likely that negotiations for exit bill (£52 billion pounds) that EU is demanding will be carried out during this period and agreed upon.

The antar dasa of Leo will be also be difficult with a retrograde Saturn and Rahu in Gemini opposite Sun in Sagittarius in the natal chart. Expect strong opposition from the European Union as well as the Labour party.

The environment should improve during Narayana dasa of Aries/Virgo in 2019, as Jupiter is in Virgo in the natal chart and placed 10th from Mars, the lord of the dasa who is also the Raja Yoga Karaka. This should get much better as the dasa progress into the antar dasa of Scorpio (hind rising signs -prshtodaya – give results later) and Jupiter is placed 11th from Scorpio in the natal chart. This period could see some revival of property values.

Virgo Dasa 2021 – 2030

In the natal chart, Virgo is the second house of wealth with Jupiter placed in it showing that Britain has a lot of stored wealth. Mars, the raja yoga karaka is placed with Sun, Ascendant Lord with exalted nodes in the 4/10 axis to Virgo and aspecting it, which should be fortunate. However, the presence of Saturn (6th Lord) in the 10th from the rasi should continue the problems of rebellion and issues within the government.

The total solar eclipse prior to the dasa in December 2020 is in Scorpio, the natal fourth house, though aspected by a debilitated Jupiter from Capricorn. Home, happiness and property issues will continue. Eclipse Ascendant is the 11th house of Gemini in the natal chart, income and gains will be the main issue during the period. The eclipse itself is in the 6th house of the eclipse chart which is good.

This eclipsed house will aspect Aries, Cancer and Capricorn which are the 9th, 12th and 6th house of the natal chart. Jupiter protects Cancer and Capricorn by aspect. Mars, being the Lord of Scorpio, is the carrier of the eclipse and will affect the Sun which is conjunct Mars and Sun in the natal chart, however the Ascendant Leo is not directly affected. The eclipsed house has a Venus in marana (Venus in the 6th house) which lords the 3rd and 10th house in the natal chart. Problems with contracts, short term travel should continue to remain or it points to instability in the political parties, but not at the top level as the Ascendant is not involved. Moon is also not affected, therefore the reputation of the country should improve.

This eclipse will happen at the junction of sunset, starting during the day and maximum intensity being reached after sun set. The planet holding the last part of the day or first part of the night will be hit. The last part of the day is Saturn showing people from border areas and labour. The first part of the day is Moon and it shows that ministers, bureaucrats and some merchants will suffer.

Eclipse Time
No Planet Start End
1 Jup 8.00 9.07
2 Mar 9.07 10.14 December 14, 2020 UTC GMT
3 Mer 10.14 11.22 Begins 14.32.27 14.32.27
4 Sun 11.22 12,29 Max 16.32.22 16.32.22
5 Moo 12.29 13.36 End 17.54.12 17.54.12
6 Ven 13.36 14.42 Suffer Sun rise time in UK 8.00
7 Sat 14.43 15.51 Hit Sun Set Time in UK 15.51


Final Analysis – Trimsamsa D30V JS

The Trimsamsha shows the rising sign as Capricorn, which is the 6th house of challenges in the natal chart. The lord of the Trimsamsa has gone to the 7th house of opposition and battle along with ascendant lord Sun and Rahu. Saturn has directional strength along with Rahu in the 7th house and is the 6th and 7th lord of the natal chart, bringing some inimical influences like a strong opposition. Saturn is retrograde showing that the opposition has to rally at least 3 times in the whole period before gaining strength.

Not surprisingly since 1945 the Labour party was in government three times from 1964 to 1970 under Harold Wilson; 1974 to 1979 first under Wilson and the under James Callaghan and lastly from 1997 to 2010 under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

The natural ruling age of Saturn is from 70-90 years and this period starts from 2015-2035 (from 1945) where on the basis of a retrograde Saturn in the 7th, Labour Party is expected to gain strength and give a solid opposition to the Conservatives.


The election results weakened the ruling party. The Annular Solar Eclipse on the Feb 26th 2017 shows the hour of Moon being hit with Venus having the maximum intensity. This means that there is more problem surrounding the ministers in power and women. This mood will prevail going into the solar eclipse on the August 21st where people represented by Saturn will suffer again. During the entire period of Aries maha dasa matters with respect to home, happiness, property and people will suffer as Scorpio is afflicted by the eclipse and not saved by Jupiter. During the Virgo dasa, though the eclipse is in Scorpio, there is an aspect of Jupiter, hence the situation regarding the 4th house matters will improve. During the entire period of Aries and Virgo mahadasa, the class of people represented by Saturn will suffer. Pension, disabled and diseased can expect cuts to their benefits. The opposition represented by Saturn is expected to gain strength and probably only get complete control only during Aquarius maha dasa.


SJC workshop on Eclipses, 2010 – Pandit Sanjay Rath

Solar and Lunar Eclipses 2014, Pandit Sanjay Rath – Jyotish Digest Apr-Sep 2014

Brihat Samhita, Varahamihira

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