States of Dignities of Planets

Avasthas or States of Planets

Published in Gochara, BAVA in April 2014

Parasara states that before judgement of results the states of the planets must be looked at. Planets have five different states:

1. Baalaadhi – maturity
2. Jagradadi – alertness
3. Deeptaadi – status
4. Lajjitaadi – mood (such as proud, shy etc.)
5. Shayanaadi – condition of activity

1. Baaladhi
This state reflects the maturity of the planet and there are five kinds listed in the table below. The planet that falls in the first six degrees of an odd sign is called a Bala (childlike). It will only give 25% of its results. The table below shows the states of the planets in different degrees and signs. Note that the results are reversed for even signs.

Odd Sign Results Even Sign Results
0-6 Bala (infant) 25% Mitra Nil
6-12 Kumara (adolescent) 50% Vridha Very little
12-18 Yuva (youth) 100% Yuva 100%
18-24 Vridha (mature) Very little Kumara 50%
24-36 Mrita (dead or static) Nil Bala 25%

It is said that planets such as Sun and Mars give the best results in Balaavastha( infant) , Jupiter and Venus in the Yuva (Youth) and Moon and Saturn in Vriddha( old age). Mercury yields good results always.

2. Jagratadi

Condition of the Graha Avastha Meaning Results
Own sign or Exaltation Rasi Jagrit Waker Full
Friend or Neutral Rasi Swapna Dreamer Medium
Enemy Rasi or debilitation Sushupti Deep Sleep Nil

This condition shows the general alertness of the planet and there are three types. When a planet in own sign or exaltation is known as a Waker or Jagrit. In the waking state, the planet is fully aware of the physical, mental and emotional world and its working. A planet in dream state or Swapna avastha is highly emotional and lives in the reality that is projected by circumstances and its mind. A planet in deep sleep or “shushupti” and is ignorant of what is happening in the outside world. It is natural that planet is not useful for acquiring material possessions.

3. Deeptaadi Avasthas

Graha Condition Meaning Results
Exalted or Mulatrikona Deepta Bright Uttam Guna and auspicious
Own Rasi Swastha Content
Good Friend’s Rasi Pramudita Happy
Friend’s Rasi Shanta Peaceful Madhyam Guna middling results
Neutral Rasi Deena Sad
Enemy Rasi Dukhita Distressed
Conjunction with malefic Vikala Crippled Adhama
Inauspicious Rasi Khala Scheming
Conjunction with Sun Kopa Angry

This avastha reflects the status or the dignity of the planets and there are 9 kinds in total. This states takes into consideration its position within house. The most important aspect to look at in Deeptaadi state is that planets in the first four avasthas (when planets are in exaltation, own house/mulatrikona and in a friend’s house) yield fairly good results during the dashas. Further the “guna” exhibited by them is Uttama, which is higher. The planets have high ideals and are mostly working in a satvic state.

In the Middle three categories, planets are set to exhibit Madhyama Guna which is more Rajasic and self-centred. In the last three, they exhibit Adhama Guna which is very tamasic and not good for society. Naturally before concluding and making predictions, one would look at the natural and temporal friendships, conjunctions and aspects.

4. Lajjitaadi

This avastha reflects the mood of the planet. The various conditions and the results are summarised below.

Graha Condition Meaning Results
Situated in 5th house with Rahu, Ketu or conjunct with Sun, Saturn or Mars Lajita Shy, Ashamed God Aversion
Exalted or Mooltrikona Garvita Proud Happiness and gains
Enemy Rasi, conjunct with or aspected by Enemy, or Saturn Kshudhita Hungry Grief
In Water sign, aspected by enemy without benefic aspect Trashita Thirsty Losses, Wicked deeds
Friend’s Rasi, or conjunct with or aspected by Friend or Jupiter Mudita Delighted Gains
Conjunction with Sun and aspected by malefics and enemy Kshobhita Agitated Penury

Parasara further elaborates the results of these types of avasthas in various houses in BHPS Chapter 47 (Shloka 24-29) of the BHPS. Particular attention needs to be paid to any of the planets placed in inauspicious states in the 10th, 7th and 5th houses.

5. Shayanaadi

This avastha relates to the condition of various activities. These are arrived at by carrying out calculations that involve taking into account the serial number of planet, of the nakshatra it is in, the navamsha it is in, the ishta gathi of the person who we are doing the calculations for. The various states are described below.

1 Shayana Resting, Lying down
2 Upaveshana Sitting down
3 Netrapani Leading
4 Prakashana Illuminating
5 Gamana Coming
6 Agamana Coming and going
7 Sabha In the audience
8 Aagama Flowing
9 Bhojana Eating
10 Nrityalipsa Dancing
11 Kautuka Desiring
12 Nidra Sleeping

For understanding the method of calculation as well as details of the results of each planet in all the conditions, readers are advised to refer to BHPS Chapter 47 (Shlokas 40-156). I have summarised them below in a table. Specific attention needs to be paid to planets in 5th, 7th, 8th and 10th houses.

It is to be noted that in judgement of results, the planets with auspicious avastha give excellent results but are influenced by the Chesthas (waking states). These are arrived by further calculations that involve taking into account the first letter or the first name of the person and the avastha arrived at previously.

Dhrishti Chestha gives middling results, Chestha gives full and Vicheshta (motionless) gives very little results. On the contrary, if planets are in inauspicious states, the evil effects of the planets are reduced to medium, fully reduced or negligibly reduced.

To conclude, one can say that the effects of the avasthas are not to be taken in isolation, but more importantly applied in yogas and conjunctions and judgement of planets in various houses and the dashas.

A Case Study – Dominique Strauss Kahn (DSK)

Dominique Strauss Kahn, a prominent French Politician and former Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund was indicted in a court case in New York (on allegations of sexual misconduct) just months before he was going to be proposed as the nominee for the Presidential elections in France in 2011. This incident brought him shame, embarrassment and huge fall from his political and financial career. Let’s examine his chart.

He has Cancer Lagna with Moon in the 9th House. The 10th House immediately stands out with an exalted Sun conjunct with the Yogakaraka Mars, who is in a Ruchaka Yoga. This shows him as a natural leader who has enterprise, characterized by Sun in Aries representing the Dhatr Aditya. Mercury’s presence though not very close, further enhances his personality by bestowing him the Nipuna Yoga.

He has two strong Raja Yogas, Yoga Karaka Mars in the 10th House and conjunction of Venus (4th lord) and Mars (5th and 10th lord) that guarantee him wealth and success.

He has several Raja Sambandha Yogas that assure him royal favour – Atma Karaka Rahu with Amartya Karaka Mercury (very intelligent minister and liked by the kind) and Atma Karaka Rahu with the 5th lord Mars.

On 15th May 2011, when he was arrested, he was running Moon maha dasha and Rahu antar dasha. Let’s examine the states and the moods of his planets.

Moon, the lagna lord and the maha dasha lord is in vriddha avastha, psychologically an old man and incapacitated, promising very little in results. It is in a “Swapna or dream state” – away from reality and caught with its own projections (no wonder he got caught), and further in Deenaavastha, which guarantees a fall. The most important aspect to look for is the guna of the planet which will be “madhyama”, which means he is only looking out for himself (unlike a planet in exaltation which has higher ideals).

It was an allegation by a woman of rape that caused his downfall. It may have been a set up, but he has been linked with many women of lower status in the past years which is shows that guna is not Uttama with respect of women. A debilitated Jupiter (although with a Neecha Bhanga as Mars is in a Kendra from Lagna) in the 7th house does not help his behaviour with women.

Let’s examine the condition of Rahu, the antardasha lord. He is also in Balavastha, however placed with his enemy Rasi with Sun and Mars. He is therefore Dukhita, Vikala, Kopa and Kshudita (hungry) making him very agitated, angry and mentally restless. The guna exhibited will be adhama not very conducive for the society. The placement of Rahu with Mars is not very fortunate signifying massive blockages. (Kuja Stambhana Yoga).

“A planet in Kshudhita the native will have a downfall due to grief, passion, relatives, troubles from enemies and an eclipsed mind.”

Mars is in Ruchaka Yoga, but is with two malefics Sun and Rahu giving it the Kshobita status. Nevertheless the guna here is Uttama as he is in in Mulatrikona rasi.

“Parasara says that a planet in Kshobita avastha will cause penury, evil disposition, miseries, financial losses and distress to feet and obstruction in incomes to royal wrath”.

Sun is exalted therefore Jagrit and Deepta, however it is also modified by the presence of its enemy Venus and malefics such as Rahu and Mars. This is condition is described as Lajjita. This would have made him a little less god fearing and lose his sense of discrimination.

Finally Venus though placed in a neutral sign, is Lajjita and Kshobita.

Parashara says that “a native in the 10th house of whose horoscope are situated planets that are Lajjita and Trashita or Kshudita or Kshobita will be subjected to much misery”. The fruits of those houses in which the Kshudita and kshobita planets are placed will be destroyed”

DSK was running the Maha dasha of Moon and the antar dasha of Rahu placed in the 10th house with planets that are Lajjita, Kshobita and Kshudita. All of them wiped out his 10th house. Ultimately the same Raja yogas that promised him success and fame brought his downfall. Mars and Rahu combination in Ashwini brought some unsavoury actions and connections. Mars and Venus initially brought him a lot of wealth and fame but could not be sustained. The dhana yoga promised by association of Sun and Venus is not fully lost. He is still wealthy. As Venus is the only planet that is in Yuvaavastha where the results will be experienced fully. Venus is also the Badhaka lord.

Further analysis of the shayanadi, states that the Moon is in Agamavastha (Two wives, wicked and stubborn), which is not very auspicious. As the Cheshta is Dhrishti, the effects will be reduced. So his conditions should improve and if he does serious remedies (especially for the conjunction of Mars and Rahu) there will be more chances to rise again in the Mars Maha dasha. His 10th lord Mars is aspected/conjunct with four other planets in a Kendra. This is Pravrajya yoga so emancipation is possible.

Om Tat Sat


Pandit Sanjay Rath lectures on

BHPS – Vol 1, Chapter 47, Girish Chand Sharma

Bhava Kutuhalam – Girish Chand Sharma

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